Project Makeover App – Download Latest Version (UPDATED 2023)

Project Makeover is the makeover puzzle game that offers you different characters to do makeup and make the character look beautiful.

Dress up the character with beautiful clothes, apply new hairstyles, choose different makeup, and even get the right furniture to build the perfect deck for your character. Use your creativity to make your chosen character more fashionable with the Project Makeover video gaming App.

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The game becomes interesting when you choose the dramatic characters that include scheming assistants, egotistical fashion icons, and stubborn clients who are in a hurry and looking for a new wardrobe.

With every level you pass, the game becomes more challenging. New puzzles are introduced to the player. Your job is to understand the client’s needs and use the provided accessories to create a unique style.

Make your customized style and alluring fashion to create your signature style. The new style will become your identity. With your modern avatar, you will receive special recognition among other users.

The project Makeover App brings joy to your life, and you will enjoy your free time. Moreover, the game brings new challenges to new makeover projects.

Engage yourself in various activities and choose fashionable items supplied in the stores. You will enjoy the game as you begin decorating your stuff. It is undoubtedly the best game you will have on your Smartphone.

What is the Project Makeover Gaming App?

Project makeover game is a puzzle game for fashionable people. Let’s assume you are the person who likes to style the character with beautiful clothes, makeup, hairstyles. If that is true, pick accessories to enrich the beautiful character presented on your screen.

As you start playing the Project Makeover game, the puzzle becomes more challenging. Each character shown to you will demand the perfect makeover. Get your client what they desire to satisfy their need. Your job is to make the character ready for future opportunities.

Additionally, you will have fashionable clothes to makeover the characters. Every character is a new fashion project for you. You have to use your knowledge to decorate the character as per their personality. Give it a perfect look and make them look different.

A unique makeover makes your client more confident in their life. They achieve the dream of their life and make their future bright. Furthermore, the dedicated rooms are allocated to each character in Project Makeover Gaming App. Your job is to design an aesthetically beautiful room. Give it a new appearance and make the home special.

Fun parts begin when you face the drama queen. Be ready to meet extreme personalities that demand more and make the makeover more challenging for you. If you can handle their needs, you will achieve more success.

Application Package Information

Application NameProject Makeover App
File Size245 MB
Content Rating7+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 and Above
CategoryGaming App



How to Download and Install the Project Makeover App?

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The project Makeover is a fun game. It is a cross-platform mobile game that supports a wide range of devices. Follow the instructions below to download and install the game on your smartphone.

How to Download and Install Project Makeover APP for Android?

project makeover apk android

Project makeover application is listed on the Google play store. Go to the play store and search for the name of the application. The play store algorithm will search for the relevant results and provide you official application.

Find the install button on the right. Click the install to begin the download process. It may take a few minutes to download and install the app successfully on your device. Once the application is installed, start using it.

Project Makeover App for PC and Mac

The application can be directly downloaded and run on a PC or Mac computer. Just visit the Microsoft App Store.

How to Get Project Makeover App for Ios?

Project Makeover application is listed on the IOS app store. Browse the app store. Use the search box to filter the option and find the application.

Once the application is downloaded on your Smartphone device, you can start using it. An application consists of many exciting features and characters that will make your gameplay more fun and entertaining.

How to Use the Project Makeover Gaming Application?

Launch the game and start exploring the features. You should go through every element of the game and understand how to use them before you begin to solve the puzzles.

There are lots more to handle, so it is better to train yourself before playing the actual game. Even though you know how to apply the fashion, the practice will save more time in the actual game.

Additionally, the game begins with the makeover project. The characters assigned to you need the complete makeover. They rely on your knowledge and expertise.

Use the different elements available in the game to decorate your stuff. Make the character super stylist. Decorate their home with the designer stuff and make their surroundings appealing.

Moreover, the different aspects of the fashion style, facial traits, clothes are available in the Project Makeover game App. Choose the appropriate element to make the look of your character more interesting.

Multi-level puzzle game lets you solve challenging problems. These contests are very addictive, and you will find yourself engaged in the game for a very long period.

You will enjoy the gameplay and find it more interesting as you move to a new level.

Detailed Aspects of the App

The Project Makeover application comes with easy to use interface. Although you may have to check every feature of the game personally, you will enjoy the gameplay as you become familiar with the functions of the game.

According to the user’s reviews, the game is straightforward to play. The early stages are primal to play. As you move ahead in the game, the new projects will be more challenging. Before you turn to the pro player, the game tests your ability to perform a specific task.

Therefore, the game designer has put the simple elements at the beginning of projects. Once you develop the grip on the game, you will progress faster with more accuracy.

Compared to the similar games available in the store, Project Makeover APP is a more engaging game available in the app store.

Project Makeover App Features

Here are the popular features of the Project Makeover App that make the game more interesting

Clothes and Accessories

The game consists of various types of costumes, makeup kits, stylish hairstyles, furniture, and many other vital accessories needed to enhance the look of your character. Try different styles to get something new out of every character you meet in the game.

Wide varieties of clothes and accessories are available in the Project Makeover game App. The accessories will allow you to add more beautiful elements to the characters. Choose the desired outfit to decorate your character. You will have a scope to develop the character with unlimited style.

Makeup Tool kit

The makeover is incomplete with the makeup. The makeup tool available in the game is one of the best tools you will have in your makeover kit. Choose the different shades of eyebrows, Liners, lipstick shades, and many more to make the character look awesome.

Decorate House

You will also be hired to decorate the house of your character. Different decorative elements, including the furniture, chairs, and bed, are available to decorate the room. Use the various features of the Project Makeover App to make the room feel aesthetically rich and beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fix the Project Makeover App not working issue?

You have to close the application and then restart your device, if the issue still persists, try to update the application. This method can be similarly applied if you face any crashing issues as well.

How to complete Project Makeover Level 55?

You have to follow the gaming instructions and complete the required makeover in order to get through this level.

How to get unlimited lives on the Project Makeover game?

You will get bonus lives as you progress through the game

Can I play Project Makeover online?

Yes, there is an option for online gaming.

What is the highest level in Project Makeover?

There are about 1000 levels to complete in the game